Do karting tyres expire with time?

Hi, i’ve been using Vega XH2 for training days, i bought a lot of second hand XH2 sets back on June 2018, we are on February 2020 and these tires have been out on my balcony without protection all this time, will this tires work well even if the draw seems good?

They are junk, age alone makes them junk, but being out in the elements makes it worse.

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I’m guessing that they have been shedding oils and the heat/cold probably doesn’t help. They might work but probably pretty slippery. Best to get a new set.

The elasticisers in the rubber tend to go off with exposure to the air and UV.
Best practice is to wrap them tightly in a plastic wrap (Preferably an opaque dark plastic wrap) and keep them in the dark (in trailer or in a box).
Sometimes you find you can scrub in a set of older tyres if they still have heaps of rubber on them. This will take off the hardened outer layer. But if they are really old it usually isn’t worth it.

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Junk is probably a strong word, but I’d probably relegate them to being seat time tires of they’ve been out in the elements for two years.

Just try them. You may be surprised at how well they have ‘survived’. Maybe a bit of extra pressure and a good ‘scrubbing’.

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Thank you all for helping, the thing is when i train i also look for times not just for fun, i’ve tried them and i find the kart slippery and that’s why i asked here, i wanted to know if maybe something is wrong with the chasis, yersterday i bought a new fresher set and will try this weekend

Paul, if you have an active racing club, or find yourself near a big race just go pick up tires for free. No need to buy used ones. You can find all the used tires you want, some with just a session or two at a big karting event.

I’d use the tires just to do laps, but never to make any setup changes or race with them.

Tires are your babies. Never leave your babies outside.