Do Karts/Engines Use Any Left-Hand Threaded Bolts/Hardware? (TAG/Rotax/Rok/LO206)

Are there any left hand threaded (reverse thread) bolts or nuts on Italian TAG Karts?

What about motors? Rotax Senior? Rok GP? LO206?

Tie rods are the major instance I can think of.

Do you have a specific question about them? are you struggling to find a part?

Iame flywheel nuts (holds the flywheel to the crank) are left-hand threaded, Rotax are right-handed

Trying to decide on a torque wrench, do all motor work myself (coming from cars), some torque wrenches cannot be used counter clockwise.

Are flywheel nuts and tie rods the only things? Nothing else inside the motor(s)?

What are flywheel nut torque specs on average?

There is nothing other than the flywheel nut that has a left-hand thread (and tie rods, but you don’t need a torque wrench for those anyway). Not sure about 206, I don’t build/repair landscaping equipment (joke)

Flywheel nut torque - Rotax 100 nm with green loctite on the taper
X30 - 60 nm also with loctite