Do you road race? Do you have a spare kart? CES Blackhawk Farms Race 6 needs drivers

Blackhawk Farms is next weekend and in order to grow road racing folks need to give it a try. Race 6 is a great way for folks to test the waters especially the younger set. CES and Dart both have races like this.

Now is your chance to help bring road racing into someones life.

CES Race 6
NOVICE (Class 1) Age 7 thru 10 years .–225 lbs
Jr Novice (Class 2) Age 8 thru 12 years 265 lbs
SPRINT 2 Cycle Junior (Class 3) Age 11 thru 15 years - 305 lbs
Senior Super Heavy (Class 9) Age 15 years & up – 405 lbs.
4 CYCLE INTERNATIONAL CLONE (Class 10) Age 12 years & up – 385 lbs.
LO206 Masters
Kohler Super Stock
Piston Port Can Sprint – 365/355

CES will be my stomping grounds once I have my kart together, and once I am done moving. How bad are entry numbers right now?

The are OK, Animal 370 and shifter classes are good but have room to grow. My issue is there are no consistent Junior drivers moving up the ranks.

See last years blackhawk numbers.

Beats race entries for pretty much all sprint tracks in Illinois…

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I’m bummed by how low junior entries are in road racing too. Shame. My 9 y/o is keen though, but I’d like her to get some more seat time so she’s confident with placement, controles and so on.

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