Does anyone know how to install the o-rings on brake caliper pistons?

It’s a bit daft, but I have not had much luck in googling results for this task. In getting my kart put together, I found that my rear caliper was leaking. Fine, let’s tear it apart. What I found is that the old o-rings failed and I needed to replace them. I did manage to find one place that had them in stock, and ordered enough for the full caliper.

They arrived today, and I have not figured out how to stretch them to get past the first part of the piston (these pistons have a groove cut into them for the seal to seat upon). It looks like I need a flat screwdriver and to do some ‘tire’ action, but I figured I would post here to see if anyone had any input before I might ruin a ring or two.



Do you have any pics of the pistons and seals you have.

I usually lubricate things with brake fluid and use a pick tool of some sort to carefully manipulate the seal into its groove.


Hoping to be able to post a few in a little bit. Right now I’m kidsitting my 1 year old XD

Lube them up with brake fluid and work them on like a tire on a rim. Placing one side in the groove and working around to the other side stretching it over the piston.