Does this exist? (Mychron phone App)

I just got a Mychron5. I want to get into the lap analysis. However I can’t be stuffed bringing my laptop to track or dismounting the unit to take home after each session.

So is there a mobile app which would simply allow you to connect to the unit and download the file onto your phone?? If so that would be awesome.

I don’t believe there is any mobile compatibility with Aim software at this point. Someone on here may be able to answer, but you could check with Aim to see if the Mychron 4 data key is compatible with the Mychron 5 unit.

Otherwise the easiest solution would be to bring a laptop to the track to download data at the end of each day. This is what I do, as it also allows for data analysis throughout the day, which can be very helpful when looking for more speed on track.

You can download the data wirelessly after the session to your laptop. I just take the mychron home usually, however. You need to bring your laptop if you don’t wanna take mychron home, alas.

Don’t forget there’s some review capabilities on the Mychron itself.

From what I recall AIM we’re working on an iOS app but I don’t remember there being an ETA

A tablet laptop is a good compromise. Microsoft surface, Lenovo yoga for example.

If cost is a concern, you can get older models pretty cheap refurbished. Race studio will more or less run on anything from the last 20years.

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I just picked up a mychron 5 for this season and it looks like it is all don’t through wireless to a laptop. The data looks like it transferres pretty quick but it doesn’t appear to have any mobile applications.

It doesn’t have any mobile applications. Alfano does, but I find that mobile applications just don’t work very well for data analysis. You need more finesse then can be accommodated on a mobile application.

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I bought a tablet specifically for data analysis, as I thought it would be easier to walk around with a tablet rather than a laptop, but the reality is, the control an actual keyboard and mouse/touchpad offers is much better than most touchscreens when it comes to reviewing data traces. I have a dedicated laptop for data I bought for like $150 and it works great.

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I suspect, as someone mentioned, a super cheap chromebook would be ideal.

It has to be a windows computer, so a chromebook is out I’m afraid.


Drat.did not know that

I, at one point, used a windows tablet computer with a docking station and big tv screen. That was good to pull up data then seek the driver out but you could’t really do the analysis on the fly.

In case you must download to a phone, the Alfano 6 will download via Bluetooth to a smartphone, Android or iOS. You can connect your Android tablet to your Alfano 6 using a mini or micro USB adapter (not included)

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Remember “able to do it” and “actually useful” are two different things. :wink:


This is the most painfully accurate description of myself I’ve ever heard.


It does exist now. Take a look at

‎LapSnap on the App Store


Can you connect directly via phone to Mychron?

Sweet, thanks for the app development!

here is the Android version for Android user:

Also website:

This is awesome news. They won’t work with my MyChron 3 gold of course, but hey now I have another reason to grab a 5.

Email verification for Android version doesn’t seem to be working.

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