Don´t know how to set up a carburator on a TM10C engine

First, sorry my English, hope you understand.

I upgrade from a rotax DD2 engine to a TM10C engine but I don´t know how tune the carburator. I am using an app to tune, but when I go to rebuilt the engine (piston, bearings and connecting rod) the mechanich says that I ran lean.

Now, after 3 hours and a half, the engine start to “fart” when I exit from low speed corners and I think it is a carburator issue.

Piston looks like this, after 3:30

Where can I learn to tune the carburator?

By the way, the carburator I am using is Dellorto VHSH 30

Thanks in advance.


Couple of things: can you take the head off and take a color photo of the piston. Also, how is the carb setup currently? Jets, tubes, needle etc.

It’s possible that you have an air leak somewhere too.

There’s some good information and a guide on the VHSH30 in this link. It’s all in English but hopefully it will still help.

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