Double coils

Has anyone ever tried to double stack alternator coils under a flywheel. You would have to take off half of each end of the coils to fit for height. If so what about output would you gain anything?

Which engine are we dealing with? Generally adding more coils to a generator on an engine will increase the output.

Single cylinder Kohler 208cc 7hp CH270 all the coils are under the flywheel. In reality there is physical space to place an additional two coils by modifying the mounting ends. By eliminating half the lamminations on each end. The question is would you gain anything by doing so? There are two magnets attached to the inside of the flywheel 180 degrees apart that produce approximately 1.5 amps when passing the coils.

Imagine you would gain additional amps if you need them. Same is done with motorcycle engines to increase the output, additional coils with no change in magnet setup.

I want to be able to operate at night. Also want a brake light. My thinking was the same at present all I have as a power budget is 34 Watts. Minimal lights max it just about out, Not quite’ Anyone ever tried this?