Doug Sharp's DAP\TKM150 Build for Bill Mclaughlin


(James McMahon) #1

Another one too good to let fall into facebook obscurity:

(TJ Koyen) #2

Really beautiful and had me immediately on ebay looking for old chassis.

(Douglas Sharp) #3

I have chassis available for restoration , I also have arrive and drives available for all vintage events both sprint & Enduro .
I have a huge inventory of parts & Engines . Interested parties can IM message me for details .
Doug Sharp

(James McMahon) #4

Thanks Doug. Why don’t you tell us more about how this kart came together. Origin of the motor, chassis and so on.

(Dom Callan) #5

Contact must have been no joke back in those days.

(Douglas Sharp) #6

My customer purchased the kart and engine last year sometime . He asked me to restore the kart and engine for his collection and VKA racing events here in the east .

The chassis was in extremely rough shape but the engine was a almost new factory TKM 150 . I had to cut off all the bearing carriers and lengthen the main frame rails 5 “ . I welded on new cassette carriers and a brake mount, converted the kart to a 1 1/4 axle . I changed the wheelbase to 41.5 inches . The front of the chassis I converted the spindles from 15mm to 17mm widening the front tract 2” .

The seat stays and front seat mounts were changed as well so I could move the seat to run inside drive for the clutch . The brakes were changed to Ives - Ripley rear caliper and 7 1/4 vented brake disk . The front brakes are Hegar mini disks controlled with a bias adjuster , and two Ives - Ripley master cylinders .
I had to modify a aluminum fuel tank to fit the kart , I needed a 7 quart tank fuel tank for methanol . The seat is a Top kart flat bottom .

The engine was modified by adding two auxiliary exhaust ports like modern KF kart Engines and the factory 5 ports were modified to case feed instead of piston fead like it came from the factory

Then cases were line bored and tried Top & bottom . I installed a Buller 102 mm rod and a Buller - Mike Colver 32mm Carb on the engine . The engine dynoed in at 42 hp with 28 foot pounds of torque at 10500 RPM . A Burco 4 shoe clutch with a chrome drum and a billet cover to put the power to the ground .

The entire project took me 7 months to complete .

(James McMahon) #7

I bet! I’m glad you shared that story because there’s so much more detail than meets the eye, even down to the modern porting on the TKM and the modified wheelbase. :+1:

(Jaro Van Meerten) #8

Is this kart for sale?

(James McMahon) #9

I think @eddiegofast built this for Bill McLoughlin’s vintage museum. But he’s always building unique suff.