Draggin Skin clutch setup for Briggs

I’m messing around with a couple old draggin skin clutches i picked up. My son says it feels good, but just wondering if anyone else has used them and found a really nice setup for LO206?

Had me wondering if that was a typo for “Dragon Skin”.



Dragging’ skin clutch

Definitely not a typo!

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I use the mat fiber heavy shoes with all white springs.

Any weights on the springs?

Not with the heavy mat fibers.

We use weights and different springs on the sandstones. Most of the time it’s purple with 10s on every spring.

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Yeah, don’t use weights with the heavy shoes. Only with the thinner shoes. I’ll have to check my clutches in the trailer and let you know what setups I’ve used. It is a very good clutch and always fast for me. But I can never get it to last more than a heat without having to take it apart and clean it, otherwise it will slip. That is running at 390 in Masters. When I ran 360 or lighter I never had a problem with it. I even ran an old version in Animal on dirt and it did just fine. There was a time when the shoe material was changed and they were junk and burned up all the time. I think they have it figured out now.

Ive got one set of the heavy shoes and about a dozen white springs in the package of parts i bought, so I’ll give that combo a try.