Dream tracks

(Dom Callan) #21

Ok that’s bloody terrifying. What’s the max lat G you pull on that?

(TJ Koyen) #22

@KartingIsLife I know isn’t quite the same in terms of nostalgia, but Parma’s layout = GoPro’s layout so you can at least get a feel for it driving there!

(Nik Goodfellow) #23

I don’t know about the 250s round that track. I know elsewhere they can pull sustained about 2.5g with peaks in the 3ish region. For a kart thats ok, we had a datalogger in ICA in 2001 and pulled sustained 6g round one long corner (and went on two wheels a fair few times), back in the days of 50 lap sets of tires.

In a 125 that first section through the trees was just flatout which was awesome.

I’m going off topic but i enjoyed watching this video of a 250 round Paul Ricard, partly because its cool and also because you don’t realise how small an F1 track is (and consequently how small the cars must be).

(Dom Callan) #24

Interesting. Similar G to x30. Must be because road course has longer turns.

(Nik Goodfellow) #25

The 250’s have aero, wings and diffusers normally. You can sort of see they are pulling higher g in the long high speed corners then the slow corners.

(Dom Callan) #26

Yep noticed that and it makes sense. Kind of like how the LMP cars pull highest Gs on the 180mph sweepers as opposed to the tight corners.

(Mike Lemus) #27

I just tried out Unser’s indoor track (I’m really new) and Centennial is the next one I want to try. How have you liked that track so far??