Dream tracks

Karting seems to be pretty regional as opposed to driving (you kart close to home as opposed to road tripping to Laguna Seca or whatnot).

So on that thought, what are a couple bucket list tracks of yours? I’ll start…
This place looks like it has it all… fast, long, etc.

Id also like someday to try Monticello

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USPKS finale is at New Castle this weekend. I’ll post some on-boards for ya.

I’m not sure how many major tracks are left for me to try anymore… Would like to visit more on the West Coast though.

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I can confirm that NCMP is awesome! I don’t mind the 4 hour drive at all, it’s that good. Besides the fact that there really isn’t a track in the Detroit area (East Lansing being closest). I’ve heard a rumor that we might get a kart track at M1 Concourse (a car condo/performance car track in Pontiac, MI) but I won’t be living here here anymore to see it.

Here’s my current dream track, hopefully I’ll have a chance to do it in 2019 or 2020 after I move and get settled!

PFI in the UK:

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It has a bridge! Sign me up.

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@Nevinear… holy crap that place looks amazing!

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Cup Karts of North America is also ending at New Castle this year.

TJ there is always the big tracks.

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My driver would head to CTOA or Road America in a hard beat if they ever had a road race.

Sprint tracks there are some very interesting tracks in Asia and the Middle East that would be an interesting visit.

PFI used to be the most boring track I ever drove. I haven’t driven with the new flyover but the rest of track is just boring similar corner after boring similar corner.

Some of my favourite tracks i’ve driven:
Suzuka, Japan

Rowrah, England

Warden Law, England

Mariembourg, Belgium

Its difficult to appreciate them from photos alone.

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GP Circuit at Indy
Watkins Glen
Road America
Road Atlanta
Barber Motorsports Park

I’ve been to barber for the porsche school a couple times. Very upscale track. Not a drop of oil misplaced there. Very Porsche.

It’s clear across the country from me, but Atlanta Motorsports Park sure looks fun with all the elevation change.

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@spribyl big tracks aren’t my cup of tea. Did a little big track stuff back when we were club racing, never really appealed to me. Would be cool to go drive around on some famous venues I suppose, but otherwise I prefer sprint racing!

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I’m fortunate enough to have driven a good bit of your list instructing for Porsche Club, Indy is the only one that I’m really not fond on going back to. Amazing facility, amazing experience to be there and amazing atmosphere, but not a great track to drive.

Nurburgring is everything that anyone has ever hyped it up to be, can’t wait for my next trip back there and I will be driving SPA next time as well.

I’m also fortunate to be 2 hours from New Castle and while I haven’t “raced” there I’ve driven it quite a few times for practice days and really enjoy the track and can absolutely see the draw.

Andy are you referring to the indy big oval, road course, or both?
FWIW, I think a lot of the indy appeal is hype and not that it’s a great track.

We run the IMSA road course, Biggest HP cars flourish there. It’s 3 very long acceleration zones followed by a couple of really tight sections that aren’t really that technical they’re just slow.

Driving down the front straight between the grandstands and the pagoda the first time is something I’ll never forget but it’s really only special the first couple times through as after that you’re not focused on that stuff anymore.

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Road courses:

COTA would be fun as a once-off at least.
Mt. Panorama in a SuperKart.
Lime rock or Road Atlanta.
Monaco because why the hell not.

Short\Traditional Kart Tracks:

Rowrah in, well anything really.
AMP looks fantastic.
Parma (before it was destroyed)

Came across this… some good ones in there. Centennial looks great, big like NJMP.

Kart tracks are in reader comment section

Well would you look at that. I race at Centennial all the time! :slight_smile: It’s now Unser Karting & Events - Centennial. They offer both test-n-tune and rentals (single and twin engine), and have recently started doing several rental race series as well. It’s actually what really got me into the sport (their win by position rental race series). Did that a few times and wanted more… so when Compkart held a demo day there I got to have my first taste of a real race kart. I was hooked and had their shop (Podium Pro Shop) set me up with a Compkart / KA100 package. The crew at Unser are top-notch and if you’re ever in the Denver area it is certainly worth checking out! It’s definitely a really fun track and there is no shortage of fast drivers around to keep you on your heels.

Awww Parma,


For big tracks I really enjoyed Cadwell Park.

Even has a jump.


Thanks for sharing that cool Cadwell Superkart video! :+1: