Driving exercises

Anyone know of any practice exercises that would be useful in learning racecraft?
I was thinking that I could practice passing, for example, by doing an exercise where nick and I swap inside outside positions side by side into a turn at turn end of a straight.
Thoughts or is this just a bad and crashy idea?

Edit: not suggesting we swap positions going into the corner, rather that we alternate positions every few laps to get the feel of it.

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Some gentle passing helps to get used to spotting I got this or I ain’t gonna make it. It helps to see setting up a pass take time.

You can set up a cone to block off a kart width and practice popping out & to the inside for a pass vs using a kart there. Marking track or just visualizing it could work.

I think any thing that puts you off line and you have to do line recovery helps. Altering turn in points helps too. Discrete corners are easier at first. The tricky ones seem to be the ones where multiple lines work.

Some guys do the bumping the rear bumper & alternate to see who is fast where - but that only works with equal karts.

I have found following an equal or slower kart closely is a skill in itself.

Personally, I think having a battle buddy in a similar kart is the easiest way to get started with this. :slight_smile:

Both good thoughts. Thanks.