Driving style X30 vs OK-N

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as the title say, very simple question: I need very different driving style between the 2 engines? I have X30 and and even if it’s a no shifter, I like to brake very late and force the kart into the corner, having lower RPM in the middle of the corner than others and the advantage to have a shorter trajectory (and my results are pretty good). Obviously, the clutch help this.

OK-N doesn’t have clutch, so it means that I have to change a lot my driving style making wider trajectories and changing the braking? Next year the national category in Italy will be OK-N, no X30 anymore, but I’m scared to completely change my style. I’m thinking also about going on KZ but the shifts really annoying me, it’s always been like this.

I’m very conflicted, please help me :smile:

In X30 you never go below the clutch engagement anyway, so it should drive similarly.

Clutch engages around 5k on X30 and the lowest minimum RPM I’ve seen on the tightest hairpin is still 7k.

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I have had the pleasure of driving all the OK-Ns during their development phase, coming from 8 years of X30 racing, and never haven driven a direct drive kart before. I’m a pretty good test subject to answer your question :sweat_smile:

Fundamentally speaking, racing lines are identical and what’s needed to be fast is the same (read: smooth). The main difference i found was the reaction from the engine when re-applying throttle mid corner. I think we get subconsciously used to the X30 clutch without really knowing it, in the sense that the engine always “lags” a little when you accelerate (you are full throttle but the engine rpms stay the same for a fraction of a second, and then it starts accelerating. you know what i mean ?) This is the clutch slipping on the drum a little bit, and you get used to it and adapt your driving accordingly.

With a direct drive, as soon as you apply throttle, it goes. Its pretty instantaneous. This means that where you actually starts accelerating during the corner becomes more important, because you can find yourself hopping or sliding if you do it in the wrong place. I found that you need to be pointing more straight before accelerating, when compared to the X30. Bassically, go in a little bit faster, wait a little bit longer before accelerating so that you are pointing straight and the kart can traction properly.

All in all, driving direct drive is really really really fun.

I hope it is somewhat clear :grin:


@Simone_Perego thanks a lot (from your name I think we could speak in italian but let’s think about the other friends on the forum :joy: )

What you say comforts me, I think I’ll go for the OK-N. You are totally correct about the lag in X30, this is what I meant when I wrote about the clutch. I haven’t tried OK-N yet but for sure I’ll try it soon, thanks for the driving tips.

Talking about the power, it’s similar to X30? What’s the difference in max speed and laptime?

Effetivamente si puo anche in Italiano volendo :innocent:

It is difficult to know the difference of lap time in terms of raw performance, because the OK-N has been developed with the intent to cut cost. The technical aspect of it plays a part in it, but we also developed guidelines for organizers to follow (reduction of number of racing days, limit to one set of tires, one engine and one chassis etc etc…) As such, we advise everyone to use homologated Option tires.

The x30 today runs on the komet yellows, which are identical to the homologated “Prime” SM that MG produces. The OK-N in Italy, will use Vega “Option” XH3, which are by default and definition slower than the Prime MG. I believe this to be in the region of 3-4 tenths.

Nevertheless, from the tests that are currently being done by multiple teams a little bit everywhere (MLG today in Franciacorta again, with three OK-Ns), the OK-N (on Vega XH3) is about 8 tenths fasters than the X30 (on Komet “Prime” yellow). I think with the same tires, it’s probably 1.2 - 1 second faster, depending on circuit.

(Power wise, OK-N is about 36 hp and X30 is 30hp)

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1 second faster with the same tires I think is a good performance, not bad. In the italian regional this year we used Vega SL4 France, do you know the difference between these and the XH3?