Drone Footage from Badger Kart Club

Sorry this guy hasn’t uploaded to Youtube yet. This footage is awesome and our Masters Class is in it from about :57 to 1:45.

Found it!


Really nice filming. Love the music. ever fly into one of the trees?

Thumbs up for the drone pilot, well done!

That is really good. I am surprised the big series don’t live stream race coverage with a drone. I guess streaming from a drone is not easy.

I have thought the same! But like you said it could be hard to stream from a drone–at least these smaller ones. But dude was really good pilot. Thought he would catch the tree a couple times. Caught the drone in my eye a couple times but not distracting. And I made it in the video a couple times lol!

That’s fantastic!

How fast is that drone. . . :astonished:

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It kept up with us! We are just over 60mph going into turn 1 and he is right there!