Dual 206 Engine Kart from Margay


(James McMahon) #21

Yeppers + wrong gear.

(Charles Kaneb) #22

I think one of these would be good at autocross - easy throttle modulation and good response.

If Margay wants a big marketing opportunity they could bring one to FSAE and use it to sweep the courses before the racecars go out. They’d have the chance to show their machinery off to hundreds of recently-graduated engineers.

(Don Westlie) #23

All things aside, I just want to drive it!

(Dennis Tapp) #24

I would like to see a close up of the jack shaft they are using on the left engine.

(Felix) #25

I race in a series with about 30 of these on track at a time.
We race endurance, 6 plus hour races.
Great fun, and if it takes off I know where you could get a chassis that would kick that things ass!!

(Albert McCracken) #26

That sounds awesome! Where do I need to move to join you? Got any pictures?

(James McMahon) #27

They (Twin OHV four strokes) are run a lot in the UK still. Usually twin Honda Gx160s. Commonly called “prokarts”
They were a popular class in Ireland for a span of about 20 years as well. Grid numbers in the 30s and 40s

(James McMahon) #28

I never did see anything on the jackshaft setup :confused:

I’m curious what makes you think this? Margay have been making dual motor racing kart chassis since the 60’s. This isn’t their first go at one.