Dual 206 Engine Kart from Margay


(Aaron Hachmeister) #1

I found this on Reddit, can’t uncover any other information on it. It seems interesting, I wouldn’t be surprised if it could match a Yamaha or similar in laptimes.

Multi (Dual and more) Engine Karts
(James McMahon) #2

Thanks for posting this… spotted it on Margay’s page.

Twin GX160 karts (Known as “Prokarts”) were a thing in the UK and Ireland for quite a while both in sanctioned competition and rentals. I suspect the dual 206 would be a little faster than the twin GX’s maybe in line with a yamaha can? Unlikey to be as quick as a KA100, HPV3/4 or yamaha pipe in my estimation.

It does raise the question (In areas that could sustain the split in entries)…

… what might be next for 206 racers that want to move onto something faster, without the hassle and expense (perceived or otherwise) of a two stroke.

World Formula?
Dual 206?
Dual World Formula?
Built Animal/Pro Gas?
High performance OHC Four Stoke? (Designs along the lines of Biland, TKM 4 stroke.)
ThumperX Shifter

(Aaron Hachmeister) #3

I figure Yamaha can is 16 HP, if a 206 is 7-8 supposedly then two of them would be about the same.

Buying two 206 engines is still cheaper than getting a good Yamaha, so that’s an interesting part to think about.

I think at Badger, the Animal class died down recently. I’m not sure why, whether people just stopped karting or moved into something else.

The 206 class went from one guy to 17 in a year, and supposedly they’re still expecting more next year. So there’s definitely a large group of people that may or may not move on to something faster eventually. I wondered the same thing you asked, where will they want to go after 206 racing if they choose to do so.

(john pietenpol) #4

I think the Animal class is dying because the small increase in speed over a regular 206 is not worth the added expense of having an animal motor built and maintained. Also, there aren’t a ton of places to run it. With the 206 rules package your can race at Badger, Road America, Concept Haulers, and the 206 cup. All within driving distance of each other.

(James McMahon) #5

Yeah but you gotta change chassis too (generally)…

You add (lets say) 8HP but of course the weight goes up a little too. I’m trying to remeber what the weight was for the dual GX160’s back home, but it escapes me. I think it was 175 KG (385lbs, which I guess isn’t that much by today’s karts :blush: )

(john pietenpol) #6

Dislike! Leave well enough along.

(Don Westlie) #7

Klaus has a twin World Formula they have for display purposes. Knowing the Briggs guys they ran it too.

A single WF is roughly 2 seconds(track dependent) faster than a 206. The splits on a 206 and Yamaha SR are just about that spread. If your not on a hard club tire for 206. The WF could be pretty close.

I would like to see a sealed spec WF class as the next step in spec class for 4s.

(James McMahon) #8

Is that enough to warrant the switch for someone though? I would imagine folks would want a bit more of a kick in the pants…

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #9

Personally, I don’t see the point of a sealed WF class, when you already have 206.
If you’d like sealed four-stroke racing, there is already a class for that. WF can be a four-stroke class for those who want tinker, and still not have clone style blow ups.

At some point, racers have to just spend money if they want to go faster, IMO. lol

Also, I think that the twin engine is just asking for trouble, when one side doesn’t work, or something silly like that. Just put a WF on it, and call it good if you want a fast four-stroke.

Now it’s cool. I just don’t want to see a class of 206-twins.

(James McMahon) #10

$6500 for the X2 apparently.

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #11

You could get a faster kart for much less money in several different options.

(James McMahon) #12

Purchase cost, maybe? A new KA100 kit is probably a good one to compare? It’s really only fair to compare new with new here.

But then that begs the question, what about TCO. I mean, that’s one of the 206’s main selling points. Little to no maintenance and minimal running costs.

(John Crider) #13

How does it handle???

(Joe Brittin ) #14

Margay tested the new X2 at the Gateway Kartplex and lap times were similar to a Yamaha SR-Y pipe lap times.

(James McMahon) #15

Do you know what weight they ran it at and on what tire?

(James McMahon) #16

I can’t talk of Margay’s X2 one specifically, but I can say that the dual four strokes we ran in Europe were pretty decent. Heavier than their 100cc counterparts of course, but still reasonably well balanced.

Also, I guess it’s great news that a dual chassis is in mass production.

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #17

What happens when one of the engine dies? :wink:

(James McMahon) #18

Clutch disengages, keep the hammer down and don’t stop.

(James McMahon) #19

Speed wise Margay said this on the KartPulse facebook page…

"On a 35 second (for a single) track, the X2 was about 3.5 seconds faster than the single 206. The X2 w/206’s is about 1-1.5 seconds off a good TaG and is a bit quicker than a Yamaha pipe. WF’s will be an option, we are thinking they will give a TaG some trouble. Your mileage (and lap times) may vary. "

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #20

Yeah but then you’re just back to normal 206 speed again, right? Probably slower with the extra weight.