Dual KZ Superkart - The ultimate in Constipation Relief

From Facebook today. H/T to @Alan_Dove. Dual KZ2 designed from the ground up by Jade Karts for Superkart competition in the UK.

Here’s the speil…

Saturday at Shenington will see the All New Jade SA01 kart revealed

On this occasion it will be driven by Scott in Twin engined formation using IAME screamer2 engines similar to those used in the MUK KZ2 Championship last season by Shane Daly & Scott Allen

The kart is the first gearbox kart that the company has designed & built for 20yrs and will include many features not seen before on our gearbox karts

The kart is suitable for use in all none CIK gearbox classes in both Long & Short Circuit guise
You will see from the in build pictures that the kart is designed to accept single engine use as well as the twin set up.

It also enables the driver to mount the engine on the right or the left as the engine mounts to a one piece engine cradle and not directly to the chassis
Another advantage is the ability to mount the brake system on either side dependant on where the engine is situated

It also features:

  • Quick release seat
  • A two or three pedal option
  • Adjustable steering column
  • A much easier and more compact Castor Camber adjustment
  • Removable torsion bar
  • A more simple front/rear brake balance system using two master cylinders
  • Adjustable heel bar &
  • A full length diffuser

For more details contact Jade Manufacturing on +44 1295 678 188 or email [email protected]

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they’re taking it around Shenni! haha it was mad enough in the 250 national, let alone with nigh-on 100hp

Any idea on pricing Alan?

No idea. It’s as bespoke as you can get so won’t be cheap. Interesting the spindle is diff to traditional long circuit chassis. This is not a million miles away from the version of the chassis I drove at Shenni.

If I had the cash I would have bought one yesterday

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Bonkers. Just bonkers.

Is that nickel bronze welded?

What happens if one engine doesnt complete a gearshift? How would you get them back in synchronization?

You reach top gear and keep pulling. They arr pretty solid boxes nowadays so shouldn’t happen

Some might actually call this a time dilation device. And they wouldn’t be wrong.

Funny you say that because I always had the thought that whoever wins a race is technically younger than their competitors relatively speaking compared to the start of the race.

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This is a home built twin KZ by Daniel Thompson. Technically not legal for UK racing next year as exhausts have to exist behind in the drive. Still looks like monstrous

What do you think that weighs in at?

the weight limit for div 1 is 220kg. What the kart weighs on its own I dunno.