Easykart IAME Hard to Start

i have a easykart iame 125 and it will only turn on if i put a little bit of gas inside air box. what is going on? please help

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Are you choking the engine by covering the holes in the air box with your hand?

Usually when they are cold they’ll need a short choke on the air box, or carb intake if the air box is not fitted.

I have a guess!!!

Full disclaimer, it could be a lot of things, BUT! I had this problem with my KA 100 and was nearly in tears I was so frustrated and baffled before I phoned a friend for help.

Scenario: engine would start only if I choked the heck out of it and absolutely flooded the engine, and then it would gun and die. I noticed no matter what I did it would siphon fuel up to the carburetor and then it would have air fill the line. I checked spark, rebuilt the carb, checked my needles, checked compression, checked starter power, even tried an external starter…no dice…

So, here’s what I found: the Tillotson carbuertors, with the plastic caps, that connect to the fuel line, can develop hairline cracks in them if overtightened or simply due to age. As I never would overtighten something :wink: clearly in my case it must have been the brand new carb was aged plastic. But I digress. Regardless as soon as I changed this plastic top piece (with the molded nipple for the fuel line), the engine fired and ran perfectly.

I suspect if your engine is a bit older, which is rhe case with an easy kart engine, then this may be your issue. The very first thing I would do is replace all gaskets in your carburetor and this top plastic piece and see if this doesn’t fix the problem. Your spark plug likely needs to be sprayed down with a cleaner to get excess fuel oil mix off the electrode as well.

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I choked and it worked. Thsnks guys!