Ebay Kart Suit Supplier

Anybody here buy a suit from US.SOOF on Ebay? He’s the US rep in Virginia fronting for a manufacturer in Pakistan. I’ve no doubt there have been drivers who’ve gotten cheap or ill fitting suits from Pakistan sellers but I wonder if every one of them is to be avoided.
I looked at his Ebay feedback and surprisingly very positive. Your thoughts.

I think the general consensus is that the suits aren’t really certified though they claim to be. The prices are compelling but I would assume the material is heavy. I’ve owned some budget suits on th past and they were fine, just heavy.

I wouldn’t trust anyone offering up their suits with stock images of Sparco suits. No pictures of the actual product, and you’ll likely end up receiving something with knock-off Sparco logos on it and no actual abrasion protection that fits like a clown suit. Having dealt with several manufacturers from Pakistan, it can be pretty hit or miss as to what is actually approved, and what actually will fit correctly. When I was having my suits made, I sent a factory in Pakistan one of my own fitted suits to copy the sizing on it, and the one they sent back was perfect in the torso, and then looked like a parachute on the legs and arms. And that was with me literally giving them a suit to copy.

Some factories over there are very legit and do great work, but probably aren’t selling their stuff on ebay much, and when it’s all said and done it would be much easier to buy something proven.

I would also advise on skimping on safety gear. As discussed in the other recent suit topic, there are budget options from trusted brands like OMP or Sparco for $250-ish. If you really only have $100 to spend on a suit, I’d look at a used suit from a good brand.

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That’s usually the kind of advice that ends up being correct.

I’m 1-for-2 from them. My TonyKart suit was indistinguishable from an OEM one a friend bought the same season - fit identically, same construction, lasted three full seasons. My CRG suit didn’t fit anything like the same way and it definitely wasn’t cut for a kart driver.

I guess if you can figure out which ones are just the OEM supplier dumping old inventory after the factory changes the design and which ones are just a bad ripoff of a design you can be more accurate than just crossing your fingers.

If you search up tony kart suit on eBay a bunch come up for really cheap, they are all sold from Pakistan. Personally I would never buy one from there, in my opinion $100 is way too good to be true. I’d save and extra couple hundred and you could get a nice suit that’s genuine quality. Also speaking as someone from India there is a BUNCH of fake goods/shops dedicated to fake goods in Asia and the Middle East

So no, in my opinion I wouldn’t do it.

Agree on NO to pakistan