eBay Kart Suits

Does anyone have access to a list of the CIK-FIA approved manufacturers?

I’m trying to find out if the company “SAWAN SPORTS” is actually an approved manufacturer or if they are a dodgy one

These Overalls are replicas mostly coming from pakistan or bangladesh.

So long as they carry the required homologation label, I doubt anyone at scrutineering will question them. They’re manufactured in India (google them), no idea about their quality.

Personally I feel it’s my welfare at stake so I’ve no qualms about spending the extra bucks for a known brand such as Sparco


There’s a massive list, I used to have it when I had my own suit line. Quite a few of those Pakistan-made suits are actually CIK-FIA rated.

I think you’ll find the fitment of those suits is pretty terrible though. If you like your suits to make you look like a flying squirrel, an eBay Pakistan suit is the way to go.

Sparco and OMP offer entry-level CIK-FIA rated suits for around the $200 mark, so I’d be more tempted to go for something like that. That’s pretty cheap for safety gear and it’s from a known and trusted brand.

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Let’s not forget k1 has an entry level suit that is popular and very affordable.

The Pakistan stuff looks neat but they appear to be pretty heavy, thick.

The entry level K1 custom suits and off the shelf are made in Pakistan.

The sizing and detail will be better since it’s controlled by K1. You can spend a few dollars more and know you’re getting a good size that fits.

Bahahaha a flying squirrel :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I would say, just don’t do it. There’s too much at stake and it can get really dodgy buying from these vendors.

The list of homologated suit manufacturers is here:

There are 3 approved Pakistani manufacturers, K1, Al-Khair and PM Sports. K1 we all know, PM Sports are mainly used by Speedwear in Europe and Al-Khair is used by everybody trying to start a suit business and vary in quality depending how difficult you are with them.

So there’s one of two ways I would go about it. Go with a trusted shop or a trusted shop AND a trusted manufacturer. I say shop AND manufacturer because the unscrupulous manufacturers on ebay just copy the major manufacturers (like OMP, Sparco etc) homologation label.

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I’ve read similar comments in the reviews.

Definitely read the buyer reviews. If they’re obviously critical, or rather too glowing, then you should know to move on.

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