EGT Probe Bungs

Ok, looking for solutions as Google has failed me. I have a used KA100 with the recessed 5mm bung. We run Alfano and all I have for Alfano that have the external nut designed for a larger raised external threaded bung.

What the heck are my options to make this all fit?

Alfano stuff:

Current pipe bung:

Use my nifty MyChron sensor to Alfano adapter. :grin:

Yeah. Looks like I will have to buy a new Mychron 5mm TC and then cut my Alfano extension cable to make a TC adapter cable like yours.

We did it when we were running Alfano’s specifically because the MyChron EGTs are cheaper!

How did you know you were getting the correct readings?

We ran a few test comparisons between this and the normal Alfano one. Normal session to session temp ranges on both. Been using it since 2020.

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I am going to test mine versus 2 known temperatures to confirm. I have a probe thermometer I can use to check against, or I can shoot the surface temperature of the TC tip with IR gun for cross-check.

If done correctly the junctions should not skew the readings. Both manufacturers use K Type TCs, so just need a Type K plug end (yellow). Also, Type K should mean red wire to the negative post of the connector and yellow wire to the positive post. Done this many times on gas turbine, boiler, and combustion system TCs.

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Ouch, that’s expensive! :flushed: