EKN Driver of the Month: June 2018 – TJ Koyen

Well lookie here, our very own resident expert, helmet painter extraordinaire, fancy beer afficionado and forum moderator @tjkoyen was voted EKN driver of the Month in June.




A moment all motorsport enthusiasts will remember is in 1998 when Dale Earnhardt won his first ever Daytona 500. Nearly the entire paddock met him on pit lane on his way to victory lane, giving a high-five to a long line of peers and competitors. Fast forward 20 years later to a hot summer weekend at the GoPro Motorplex for the second stop of the United States Pro Kart Series on June 15-17. It may not have been the similar celebration the Earnhardt received, but you can believe there was the same amount of respect and admiration for the first series victory and repeat win on the weekend for veteran karter and industry member TJ Koyen.


Congrats! :star::star::star::star::star::star::zap::zap::zap::zap::zap::zap::fire:

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Not only do you have the respect of the guys who know you personally and race with you, but also of those who have never met you and only know you from forums.
Mike Clark


And now the curse is on TJ, just in time to free us up for a couple of wins this weekend!


Thats pretty cool! Congrats TJ :+1:

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Congrats and good job TJ !

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In terms of his sustained contribution to the karting community, especially through the various forums, TJ is karter of the century!


Thanks everyone! And that’s absolutely too kind of you @Terence_Dove!