Elbow / Bicep Pain

G’day all,

This weekend was nationals meaning driving from Wednesday - Sunday. I also did the previous Sunday for extra. Once Friday rolled around I noticed toward the end of the day I was starting to get a very sore inner elbow/bicep muscle. I initially thought it was the Bicep muscle itself but by today Saturday it felt a bit along the lines of tendons, plus it was only happening for my left arm. It got to the point of having to deep heat and joint relief it between races plus painkillers before the Final.

Does anybody else here experience this kind of problem?

I do strength training 3 times a week and cardio 2 times a week so despite my team coach’s light hearted jabs that I need to go to the gym more I thought I’d be fine considering my regime and the fact my right arm is completely fine. I should also note I’m currently struggling with my thenar eminence from death gripping the wheel too much.

Photo for location of pain:

You might have some form of tendinitis. You’ll need a professional diagnosis if it becomes a real problem. I had a bursitis diagnosis in my shoulder from over-training. I have possible tendinitis in my forearm which I should have been more careful with as well. From a base point I would lay off any weight work that causes pain for a bit. I made errors with injuries that laid me out for years doing the stuff I used to like.

It could be a nerve that is pinched, as I’m experiencing same issue sometimes in my right arm. Pretty painful and hard to raise the arm sometimes. My girlfriend is a specialist and she pushed on some trigger points in my neck and it relieves the pain instantly :grin:

I get similar in sim. It’s similar to tennis elbow? It seems connected to seat position for me. Knee/elbow pain seems to be repetitive stress which gets an amplified by some sort of posture/position being off, slightly.

Just went through this with knee as I changed up my pedal position. As my joints get worse as I age, subtle changes can set off tendinitis/joint stuff.

Also, the death-gripping doesn’t help and definitely makes this worse. I have adapted to the opposite which is gripping the kart wheel like a golf club. As light as possible.

First thing is to rest and fully recover no driving or gym activities until that happens.

If that pain continues to return in the same location even after seemingly being fully healed, you could have tendinitis/tennis elbow. If that’s the case try this for treatment. I suffer from golfers elbow regularly and this is one of the very few things that worked for me.

I’d get it diagnosed before doing anything. Might need surgery if it’s a tear, condition depending. If it’s inflammation, then some meds to counteract & PT as prescribed. Just don’t guess it.

I’ve had lingering pain in my elbow/bicep region (none currently) and started wearing one of these. Seemed to help, as did loading up on Advil or similar, prior to and during races.

I’ll go to physio sometime this week then and update if anything significant pops up