Electric karting and Car news

Maybe we need a place for this. It seems we have several e-projects being worked in by members and it’s undeniable that e-karts are gonna be more and more of a thing.

I came across this today which I thought would be of interest to Mr. Hall.

" The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX has beat its own EV range record by traveling over 746 miles on a single battery charge. The Vision EQXX had driven 626 miles on one charge in April of this year, but there was enough range left (about 15 percent state of charge) to take another shot at the record. So, this latest journey saw the Vision EQXX travel 1,202 kilometers from Stuttgart, Germany to Silverstone, UK under real-world conditions, according to Mercedes-Benz."

This appears to be quite an increase in range. They achieve this by under-clocking the engine, I suppose.

“Meanwhile, the Vision EQXX makes just over 200 hp. During this latest long-distance drive, Formula E pilot Nyck de Vries pushed the EV up to 87 mph, and the average speed over the journey was 52 mph. That’s far from the ludicrous performance we usually associate with EVs. But it’s not just about speed: the EQXX is lighter and more aerodynamic than other Mercedes EVs”

I suspect the car is pretty flaccid to drive but that’s very impressive range. That’s better than my cayenne with a full tank (which does an impressive 28mpg in 8th).

What engine? :smiley:

Not shabby. But as they say, it is a prototype that was “hyper miled”. What cells are they using? How long will they last with that higher energy density? How much more will they cost? Etc…

On the karting side… the continuing supply chain situation makes it a no-go overall at the moment. Maybe in 1-2 years we can start getting components in high enough numbers that eKarts can be built and sold in reasonable numbers. Until then, I am continuing to refine my CAD/EDA/Coding skills and designs to improve efficiency, add features, and lower cost and weight.