Electric Racing Karts VS Gas Karts!

The talking is not English . But has captions at bottom… Great comparison Electric VS Gas Karts ??? Thoughts ??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KcRyyHdFM0&t=7s

No link alas! 20 letters

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im a 2 stroke enthusiast , just love those engines .

Also like the 4 strokes . Im excited when i hear and read news about rotary kart engines and last i dont even care about electric karts so far .

I know that in the future they will become more popular but i choose to ignore them till now .


IMHO they will be great - once the battery cells:

  1. Are nail safe - puncturing them does not cause thermal runaway (fire safety)
  2. Energy density is at least double of current NMC cells (reduced mass)
  3. Recharge from 10-100% in about 10 minutes (single built-in low CG battery)

The Amprius cells are the closest things out there to do this in large production numbers. They just have to get the Colorado plant up and running in 2025 to make them reasonable to buy for this purpose, as now the DoD and other aviation sources are buying everything they can produce at the Kato Rd facility in California.

Charging - from the REEV or EV truck of course.

Forgot video link here Its at original top post now…

There’s actually an entire topic dedicated to that very electric package. Long but lots of info from the owner and good discussion.