Electric start issues gx200

Hi having some issues After putting electric start on a Honda gx200 high compression with advanced timing anyone else try an do electric start on go go kart

What kind of issues? If you have high compression without a compression relief valve there’s a good chance the motor will struggle and/or kick back.

Naturally the same basics apply in terms of ensuring you have a strong battery that is still providing current under load. I think we used around 300CCA on our 460’s. Excellent connection is important too.

Also: Nice tires.

Hi yes starter motors are struggling got good connections with 8 gauge wiring have new batteries that are meant for lawn tractor will have to check the cca rating when I put a 40amp boost charger on them they crank over just fine is it possible to add a decompression lever to these motors? An thanks finally got the tires all on an studded Ann now it’s warmed up here in bc so a little nervous to get out on the lake an try them

Depending on the cam it might have a decompression mechanism on it. Does it still start by hand? If it has a compression relief on the cam it should pump somewhere between 60 and 100psi at cranking speeds. If it’s pumping more that that then it probably doesn’t have a compression release.

Its hard to tell over the internet, but it may just be that the starter is not strong enough to turn it over. If you don’t mind risking burning it out you can feed it 24v from two 12v batteries.

Try using jumper cables and your car (car not running) That will tell you if it is a lack of CCA in the battery. If it still struggles but works ok with the battery charger connected you know it is the increase in voltageu

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