Emmick go kart 50mm axle snapped lug out of hub help!

(Mateo I Perez) #1

Make and model of chassis
Emmick tag kart
I need help with
Rear axle hub lugs replace or whole new hub?
What I’ve tried so far

(Mateo I Perez) #2

(Daniel Agee) #3

If you can extract that broken stud, you can replace them for now much money. https://www.accelerationkarting.com/8mmwheelstuds.html If you’re going to go that route, I’d replace all of them.

Also, I’ll PM you about it too.

(Tony Zambos) #4

You might try purchasing a screw extractor from an auto parts store. Since the original stud was installed with a thread locker, you might not have much success. But its worth a try. Good luck.

(Rick Brown ) #5

You should be able to remove the stud withaa EZ Out.