Endurance kart race Fremont 500 Arrive and Drive


Details: Looking for a funded driver to pair with me (can discuss cost once EKRL have posted the cost). I have a 2017 TopKart Twister with 1 season old Lo206. I am 6’2" 235lbs, so can accommodate bigger driver and slimmer drivers we can add padding to fit you.

Information about the event can be found below.
2023 EKRL Schedule

  • = Ohio State Triple Crown Races
    Fremont 500 (125 miles)
    March 25th, 2023
    Fremont Raceway Park - Fremont, Ohio - 500 Laps NASCAR Style Race
  • 3 Segments with Pit Stops
  • 1 to 4 Drivers per Team
  • Briggs & Stratton Racing 206 Ruleset
  • Age 13 & Up at 365 lbs

Endurance lo206 race at fremont on March 25th. It’s a 3 stage race with 15 minute breaks in between stages. I am looking for 2 additional drives so I can divide it out to each person runs a stage. Stage 1 & 2 are 150 laps and Stage 3 is 200 laps. I have other seats for those that are small we should be able to fuel and seat change between stages.

Sounds like a blast and I wish I could join you.

how much weight reeducation have you done to the kart, I weight about the same as you and never able to make the senior weight at 360.

Yeah but there could be a heavy or older guy class. That’s what Chris McCoy does in his enduros. It would be challenging for a skinny little guy to pair with him unless there’s some sort of fast weight system but that doesn’t seem likely with owner karts.

At my weight probably be close to 25lbs over. However with the potential of rain, snow, or both in March. I am confident that we can be competitive. I bet if there are enough people that would add a heavy weight class. It’s setup in mini segments so if there is a skinny guy can easily add the weight to make class.

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