ENDURANCE KARTING: 10th Running of “24 Hours of America” Endurance Karting Race Announced

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Cumming, Georgia– January 21, 2019 – ENDURANCE KARTING’s wildly popular “24 Hours of America” 24‐hour endurance karting event will return in 2019 for a historic tenth running on June 21‐23 at New Castle Motorsports Park in New Castle, Indiana.

Endurance Karting is proud to continue its tradition of hosting the famed 24 Hours of America event, and will visit the United States’ premier karting venue, New Castle Motorsports Park (NMCP), for a celebration of the event’s ten time history.

Throughout its storied history, New Castle Motorsports Park has had the honor of hosting many national events and drivers from young karting upstarts to the stars of IndyCar, and even a successful 24‐hour world record attempt, but has never before hosted so many karts for such a long duration of time.


“Endurance Karting specifically chose the fabled circuit to follow other outstanding, but decidedly Southern, circuits from years past including Palm Beach International Raceway, Charlotte Motor Speedway, Daytona International Speedway, NOLA Motorsports Park, and, most recently, Bushnell Motorsports Park,” explained Endurance Karting owner, Chris McCoy. “The shift to NCMP allows for the expansion of our fields due to its massive 1‐mile length and wide racing area.”

Participants in the 10th running of the 24 Hours of America will have the opportunity to compete in the massive marathon event and enjoy being a part of one of Endurance Karting’s most exciting events yet. It is expected that the race will include more than 30 karts, with a mix of Honda‐powered Dino “arrive and drive” karts, the backbone of Endurance Karting’s program, and the Briggs and Stratton LO206‐powered karts which is available both as a rental or as an owner kart.

The multi‐class event will be open to ELO teams, as first introduced by Endurance Karting in 2018, and ELO teams will use a specially‐prepared, new LO206 kart in which the motor remains sealed while other improvements have been made to engine peripherals and accessory components to provide reliable performance for the 26.5+ hours of track time available during the Friday to Sunday race weekend. “In 2018, despite intense racing for the entire duration, we saw no engine failures during the 24 Hours of America,” McCoy added proudly.

All ELO karts will have a minimum weight of 360 pounds (with the driver and all ballast) and will be 4‐5 seconds per lap quicker than the standard Honda/Dino karts. ELO karts can be entered in one of two sub‐classes that are both for teams with 5+ years’ experience in karting, including ELO‐PRO and ELO‐PRO40 (for teams with an average age of 40+ years).

In keeping with Endurance Karting’s focus on the driver, should a team wish to run in the ELO class, but not want to deal with the tuning and mechanical portions of karting, Jim Conlin and the experienced Adrenaline Fix Karting (AFK) crew will be available to fully manage setup, tuning, and repair of the kart for the entire weekend.

Weighing in at just 265 pounds, the Honda Dino kart is one of the lightest, full‐surround karts available in racing and can be entered into one of five sub‐classes which accommodate drivers of all skill levels and mechanical abilities, including HON‐PRO, HON‐SEMI PRO (less than 5 years average racing experience), HON‐MASTERS (average team age 40+), HON‐LEGENDS (average team age 55+), and HON‐ROOKIE (for those with less than 1‐year average racing experience).

Endurance Karting’s flagship kart, the Honda Dino is no typical rental unit as the lightweight chassis has been refined over nearly two decades to provide a racekart‐like driving experience that offers responsive yet challenging handling, self‐adjusting brakes with exceptional feel, reliability, and performance parity among the fleet.

For those looking to push their karting skills to the next level, or to experience a new and exciting motorsports adventure, Endurance Karting’s 10th running of the 24 Hours of America event on June 21‐23, 2019, with arrive‐and‐drive options at New Castle Motorsports Park in New Castle, Indiana offers the perfect opportunity to get out on the track and have some serious fun. For more information, or to register, visit EnduranceKarting.com or call (866) RACE‐NOW.


About Endurance Karting:
Founded in 2001 in North Carolina by Johan Schwartz and acquired by ProCup Karting of Georgia in 2013, Endurance Karting provides the thrill of professional sports car‐style endurance racing to without the need to own, prep, repair or transport a kart. Endurance Karting’s innovative no license required, arrive‐and‐drive program allows participants to have fun while racing on a level playing field, regardless of the net worth of the driver. Keeping all other variables equal and having the driver be the difference is a core value of Endurance Karting, and classes are available for rookies and professionals alike. For more information, visit EnduranceKarting.com or LIKE Endurance Karting on Facebook at facebook.com/EnduranceKarting, and FOLLOW @EnduranceKartingUSA on Instagram and @EKarting on Twitter.

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