Endurance Karting 2023 Six Hours of Joisey

Endurance Karting 2023 Six Hours of Joisey

We’ve been getting a ton of rain up here in the NE, and July 8 was no exception. However, we were fortunate enough to have a few hours of dry weather and were able to have a race! This was a bit special for us NJMP rental racer types as we do not get to do Liberator full course with the inside chicane. For some reason, the track management don’t think that the rentals can handle the uphill Boston Massacre. Pro tip: they can.

We were able to start at noon but were inundated within 40 minutes. The pits were abandoned and we all found shelter until the restart at 3:15.

Andre and Elias joined me for this effort. Our thinking was that our strongest driver was Andre and that he should start. He did a great job and jumped a bunch of positions. From there he worked his way up to the front and battled beautifully.

Elias was our second strongest driver that day and went on a bit of a rampage. I was taken with how nicely he handled the tricky and fast 4-7 complex (aka the Boston Massacre). This makes perfect sense since he’s from there.

My driving was ok and I had some nice battles but I wasn’t as on it as I’d like, technically. Racecraft was on point so I’m ok with the day.

We had some camera issues and I only was able to get a couple sessions. Elias had the other Hero 9 and he too had issues. The camera shut itself down and we lost a couple sessions each. Andres hero 7 was flawless, however.

Turnout was good and we saw many familiar faces. @EnduranceKarting Chris and the gang did a great job despite the many challenges of the weekend.

Oh, we finished 3rd in pro and 4th overall, which was a decent result.

Next up is possibly VIR or Lime Rock. Hopefully we will see you there!

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