Endurance Karting

Hey, I am totally new to the karting world. Have not run a single race yet, but I’m planning on several events this year. I am joining a couple of guys from my WRL team on this adventure.
We were talking about the events we are planning on running this year, and making some plans, and we thought it would be fun to run an endurance race in a kart, similar to what we have been running in WRL. Does anyone know if there are any events run like this? A long (8-24hr) race that needs multiple drivers per team? Sorry if this has an obvious answer, I am just not seeing anything.
FYI-we all have/are looking for LO206 karts and classes.

Travelling Arrive and Drive with 6-24 hours races: https://www.procupkarting.com/

Endurance Kart racing also organizes (I believe) the 24 hours of America which is a lo206 race.

LO206 Series based in Ohio, races are distance based 120-250 miles: https://www.facebook.com/EKRLracing

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I should have clarified, We want to use out own hardware. I had seen a few of the arrive and drive races I guess, just want to run our own stuff.
I will definitely look into the 24 hours of america. Thanks for the reply!

Yeah. Chris McCoy runs a series rhat travels the east coast, north and south.

They mostly are 6hr races. However, he does a 24hr at Daytona as well!

This is a very fun and well run race series and I love participating. I’ve typically run teams of 2-4, depends on what shape you are in, etc.

If you are brand spanking new to all this and not kart-fit, yet, I’d recommend running a team of 3-4.

For the 6-hour races:

You’ll do sessions that are about 20-25 mins long.

There are 2 mandatory gas stops.

I can share a spreadsheet.

Hi Randy! At Badger Kart Club in WI there is an 8hr endurance race that they run! They race 206, and bring your own equipment!


I attached he above link to last year’s site, has the info needed. Registration will open later this year as we get closer!

I believe that for the 24hr they field lo206 owner karts as well as rentals. That’s a question for Chris, actually.

Sorry, yeah I totally understand. I was too interested in endurance karting in LO206. But this is all I’ve been able to find in the endurance category. I don’t think there’s a huge demand for endurance LO206 due to the amount of prep and physical fitness needed. And the fact that the chassis is designed for sprint racing.

I think that’s why the Endurance Karting arrive and drive program is successful. No mechanical prep, the rental karts have a beefier chassis that can take a beating for multiple hours.

Although, I haven’t, but am very interested, in giving the arrive and drive a try.

If I can get back in the saddle I’ll run a race with ya. Aren’t you in AUS tho?

There’s also that “Ironman” race that @jd896 ran. Pretty sure that’s on Lo.

@tankyx also shared with me a bunch of 12-24 hr races in France that seem like a perfect excuse to go to Yurup.

Edit: race is called “machismo”

Nope, just here in South Carolina haha. I’d love to do the race at CMP.

Calspeed is closed as of December 11, so the future of the 12 hour is currently unknown

Bummer, thank you for clarifying that

Thanks all… I am going to look into a couple of these.

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