Energy Kart Parts USA

Hey guys, as the post says I’m looking to get pointed in a direction for Energy Kart chassis parts.

One thing in particular I’m looking for is an eccentric/offset pill …one of my customers is missing one on their chassis.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!


Grand Junction Motor Speedway has/is a N. American dealer for Energy. I’ve used Parolin Store for hard to find stuff.

If they can swing it, the Sniper adjusters are nice.

Thanks for the reply Spence , i sent them an email but still awaiting a response. Thanks for the info.

Response from Parolin is relatively slow, but they’re helpful if you need them, & they have good inventory. I sent my homologation # & got all the part options for what I was searching.

Jimmy Simpson with Energy Kart Midwest has always been super helpful and responsive when I needed parts for my sons Energy chassis.

Thanks Chris… I also got a contact for him tried calling no answer, left him an SMS text but still no response. Will try to reach out via the fb page you sent.

Direct line to Parolin USA: Teddy Truchot 310 994 0965