Engine AOA question

hello fellow speedfreaks, i have a question re: angle of attack. i couldnt find a decent motor mount for my kx 85 so ive decided to make my own using the lost foam process and needed to know how tall to make the rear mount to achieve the correct angle. Thanks to all and happy karting!

In the absence of any other feedback, parallel to rails would be fine. ie no angle. Verify you have sufficient arm room and clearance around the chain to the case and you should be good to go.

Excellent. Thank you! How about in relation to the rear axle? I thought i read somewhere that you want your drive sprocket as close to being level with the rear axle as possible. is this true?

Billy Musgrave recently put together an 85cc shifter. May want to reach out to him at Factory Karts

I think it was a kx65 that MRC put totter as a cadet shifter, but might be close enough.

Having the sprockets on the same plane shouldn’t be a challenge, for sure it’s good to have them in line with each other as possible lol

The cadet shifter is a YZ65. I think the engine is installed level front to back.

If you are able to make good lost-foam-cast engine mounts, we might want you as a supplier!

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For sure, ill let everyone know how it goes. one thing i have noticed is the limited availability of quality motor mounts that are capatible with different powerplants. I have spent countless hours searching and decided to design my own to fit my needs. We’ll see how it goes. Photos soon to follow.

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You may consider looking up Judges performance on Facebook, he builds many custom engine mounts for dirt karts and the like. He’s a great guy.

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Thank you all for the leads. I will follow up on them and reporr my findings. In the meantime, I attempted my first foam hot wire cut of the rear of the mount. still have some shaping and cleaning up to do on it with sanding. This is just a practice run and will attempt another one soon.