Engine mount frame rail protection?

I’m looking to mitigate powder coat damage on the rails where the engine mount clamps, & considering wrapping them with grip tape. Any suggestions?

I used a variety of stuff over the last few years ranging from clear bra to various grip tape products and in the end I found it all eventually came up , ripped through or caused me frustration when I was in a hurry to get a gear change done.

I’m pretty particular about how my kart is kept but I finally decided the best solution is just let it ride and deal with the paint missing on that portion of the frame.

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There are two piece motor mounts. The bottom plate mounts to the frame rails as any other motor mount. The motor is mounted to the top plate which can be positioned back and forth while the bottom plate remains stationary.

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A heavy duty skateboard grip tape is generally the best and go to at least for CRG here. I use it on mine, no issues just keep some in stock and replace it whenever you have to lift the motor up for whatever reason.

I tried all sorts on my energy before, ended up sticking with grip tape!