Engine sitting for long time, start up procedure

I have an engine i winterized for 5 years. Carb is dry. Going for a first start, should i prelube the cylinder with anything before starting or send it?

For an air cooled 2-cycle engine, I’d probably pull the head off, pour a cap full or two of Marvel Mystery oil on top of the piston, swirl the oil around the cylinder and wait a half hour. While waiting, I’d rebuild the carb. If your engine has a separate fuel pump, I’d rebuild it as well. Then run the piston slowly up and down by hand. Put the head back on, cross your fingers and fire it up. To be on the safe side, set the carb on the rich side.

Cap or two of 2 cycle oil down the spark plug hole if its a 2 cycle, turn engine over slowly by hand with plug still out. The oil isnt going to run down the skirt or into the crank case unless the rings are seized. Get the carb primed with fuel with the ignition disabled. Make sure you have suitable compression then try firing it up. If no fire check spark then carb needle isnt stuck.

I’ve never done this, but I have an idea where I’d start, and that would be with the carburetor. Pull the back off and make sure all the parts are there and in good condition. Pull fulcrum arm and needle. Inspect the needle seat for obstructions, like old dried fuel and oil. I would replace the pumper diaphragm unless I was absolutely sure was in good condition. Put the carb back together and back on the engine, mix a small bottle of fuel and double the amount of oil you would normally run. The next part you might need some help. Open the throttle, put your hand over the carburetor, and turn the engine by hand a few times. This will suck that rich fuel mixture into the crankcase and up into the cylinder. Of course there’s no such thing as “suck”, but you get the idea. Disconnect the rich fuel mixture, spin the engine, with the starter, (no spark plug installed) for a second or two, and that’s it.
All the other ideas are good, but I would never think about starting an an engine without 1st checking the carburetor for proper function.

+1 to what Al said… at the least you want fresh diaphragms in the carb.
The other thing with engines that have been laying up is hardening of the crank seals, if you notice it’s running a bit lean, and the carb has fresh parts then you may have a crank seal leak.

Doesn’t hurt to smear a little oil on the bore. All depends on how picky you want to be.

Let us know how it goes.

I would add the oil to cylinder as mentioned and roll it over by hand a few times. I would pressurized the tank by blowing into it by mouth to fill the carb up and then try to start. I would try to avoid cranking it too much without fuel in the carb if it’s a 2 stroke. That fuel/oil is needed to lube the engine… I agree the carb most likely needs to come apart but I would try it first. Good luck!

its all good now thanks

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