Engine Spec: IAME X30

Does anyone have a copy of the 2021 IAME X30 engine specs?
Checked on archive.org with no luck

Are you looking for a homologation doc from IAME?

That’s correct.

Can’t find it on IAMEUSAWEST.com

They only have the latest. → https://iameusawest.com/content/X30-Tech-Doc-2023.pdf

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Found it on my local computer.

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Post it here for the next guy/gal then.

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Tried to upload the file, but KP is telling me that the file is too large.
Not sure if this forum has something like files archives… I can mail it to the admin

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@KartingIsLife see above re posting file limit

The limit is 18MB right now. Do you now what size the file is?

The file’s 21 MB. More characters…

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Damn. Savage admin move there James. :joy:

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