Engine starts up then spins out and dies - Tecumseh Enduro OHV 5.0

Hey guys, working on a restoration project for an old kart I was gifted. Originally the carbs were old and stuck so I replaced that, but now the engine spins up and then dies pretty quickly as if the clutch is stuck and the engine can’t turn. I haven’t pulled the clutch apart yet to take a look but does anyone have advice for this situation? This is a video of what I am talking about.

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Seems like it cuts out right when you give throttle…
Will it idle?

There is an odd noise there alright, not entirely sure what that is :smiley:

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Sounds like the bushing in the clutch drum is bad. Put some lube on it, it doesn’t take much. Spin the wheels while you’re spraying the lubricant on.

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Thanks for the responses guys. I’ll give the clutch a once over and see if the lube helps. I’m not surprised after 15 years in a garage it might be stuck.

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I’m not sure how mechanically inclined you are, so I’ll say this… Al is referring to the bushing in the center of the drum for lubrication… Not the actual drum or contact surfaces themselves.

Bushing noise period.

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Clutch/bushing. Also, does the kart roll freely without the engine running?

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Didn’t get a chance to look at it yesterday as I got home from work really late. The kart does roll freely without the engine running. It does roll when it first starts up though. I had to pin the brake when starting it to make sure it didn’t take off, which is why I know the clutch definitely has some issues as well. I mostly work on motorcycles and this is my first time working on a kart.

Yes, from the video it looked like the clutch was grabbing at start-up of the engine. Again, clutch bushing/bearing issue. Take the clutch off and evaluate. Also with the clutch off you can get an idea of how the engine is running under a no load condition.