Enriching low end, leaning top end of Lo206

I am o2 logging my son’s lo206 on a red slide and in certain conditions want to enrich the 2000 - 4000 rpm range, while leaning out the 4000 -6000 range. Could I;

  1. lower the float level (less fuel in the bowl) and lower the needle clip or the opposite;

  2. Raise the float level (more fuel in the bowl) and raise the needle clip?


My understanding is that if you lower the needle clip (thus raising the needle) you are enriching low throttle position A/F, and if you raise the float height measurement (effectively lowering the float in the bowl) you are leaning out the top end - or perhaps leaning out in all conditions but the needle adjustment offsets it down low?

Remember the clip position is more to do with throttle position/transition than actual RPM.


Wouldn’t this just be the use case of the idle mix screw? As far as I know, it impacts the low rpm range. Float height would impact the upper end mostly independently from the idle mix adjustments.

Disclaimer: I am new to this and probably dumb lol.