EP 16: "What do you mean I have to bring value?!" - Talking Sponsorship with Chris Rhoad


(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #1

Chris and Davin have an open discussion about how to bring value to partners when developing sponsorship relationships in racing. They share some tips of what works, and also some stories about what can be a turn off.

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(James McMahon) #2

Always loved Chris’s work. He’s the real deal and “gets It”. By that I mean he gets where media is headed, what it’s leaving behind and what that means for racers and the racing industry.

(mike kuper) #5

This was a very good podcast. I wondered if anyone had read the book “The Great Money Hunt” by Andrew Waite. The book is a decent how too and I used it with some success when I was roadracing motorcycles. I wish I had the ability to have spoken with you guys then. I was able to get discounted parts pretty regularly along with anyone else. I really like the contingency programs, run a stciker for VP fuel or Michelin tires, finish in the top 5 and cash your check. So much of Karting is spec racing that a similar program would not work.
All in all I came away from listening to this podcast with a new outlook on potential partnerships.

(Eric Gunderson) #6

I read parts of “The Great Money Hunt” and began to act on it at a young age in karting. Whether solely from the book’s suggestions or just persistence we were able to get 5 sponsors in karting and then retain them for several years as I raced other vehicles.

(日産パシフィック) #7

This was a great podcast to listen too. I’ve known Chris Rhoad from way back before “social media marketing” was even a term. We crossed paths during our MySpace marketing hay days. I use to promote local drift events with a drop of a hat. Back then making Youtube/Vimeo videos go viral was stupid easy, now we got algorithms and “Boost Post” buttons.