EP13: "Why should I go Dirt Karting?" with Kyle Keenan

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #1

Kyle Keenan (@KyleKeenan) talks to Davin (@DavinRS) about what makes dirt karting a unique experience. - As always, we’d love if you share the Podcast with your friends.

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(TJ Koyen) #3

Excellent work gents.

I agree with Kyle. After 14 years of straight up sprint karting, I tried a dirt oval race for the first time a couple years ago. I was one of those elitist, European-style karting dudes, right up until that first lap in the dirt kart. Dude, it’s nuts, it’s so fun.

I was given an opportunity to try it from some friends/customers, and had a great time. My favorite part was wearing my Tony Kart suit and showing up with a bright pink and green Arai helmet. Only kid in the paddock wearing a full suit. I looked so out of place. And I was so uncomfortable in the kart for the first half of the day. I kept trying to sit up because I couldn’t see anything and it just felt weird to be laying that far back. But once you find the rhythm, it’s a blast. I qualified deep in the field after I made a mistake on every lap, but I actually had decent race pace once I settled down a bit, only about a tenth off some of the leaders. But it was impossible to recover because like Kyle said, you have literally 2 minutes to get it done. And I started basically last in every heat. It’s so hectic out there, every pass is full contact because it has to be, that’s the only way to get anywhere. But it’s a riot. I loved it.

(Steve Pribyl) #4

This has been on our radar for awhile. Now we might have to make a better effort to give it a go.
For those of you that want to try something new check our road racing too.

(Eric Gunderson) #5

I haven’t done oval track karting, but I have done a lot of oval racing in cars. Did you notice that your emphasis on what matters changes–you are driving the kart a lot more at the maximum more rather than sacrificing some corners on a road course. So a tiny mistake really matters. Also, you have almost zero track time in dirt racing, so you have to giddy-up right away.

(James McMahon) #6