Episode 04: Re-starting Karting at 50 - Midlife Karting Crisis

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Tune in to get some sponsorship tips and a great story about a gentleman (@Tj_Hollingsworth) who decided to go full bore back into karting… at the age of 50. He talks to @DavinRS about how crazy it’s been.

TJ has a family background in racing that goes back to World War I, which affords him some great insights. He caught Kartpulse’s eye in 2016, when he started a Facebook page called “Midlife Karting Crisis”. Aside from being a hilarious title, TJ has been documenting is full-scale journey back into karts.

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Nice story! Glad to hear that this other TJ totally gets it and understands what makes karting great.

Quick little idea, maybe have some sort of structured closing for each episode? Like a question you ask every guest to get their closing statement. For example, your question on “what advice can you give people starting karting?” could be a good one. Just something that winds the podcast down instead of doing an abrupt end.

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Thanks TJ! Great minds think alike. I’ve actually recorded a bit of an ending for the next one to see who’s listening until the end. There’s really no way to get metrics for that yet.

I think as times goes on we’ll probably beef up the beginning and end a little to talk about what we’re up to at KP for racers and invite people to get involved.

I’m also toying with the idea of recording a little intro tune for this for fun ended with a crescendo of kart engines. But that’ll be a while probably. Need to move house first and be home for more than 1.887 days on the trot.

Hey TJ,
Having a standard ended question isn’t a bad idea. (To be honest, that’s one of the tiny things that have been bugging me since I’ve been editing the last few episodes.) Maybe that, or if we have another guest lined up, we might have them ask our next guest a leading question.

Good idea!

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I listen to a lot of nerdist podcasts, the just end with a tagline (in their case “Enjoy your burrito”)

I think it would be a good idea to do what nerdist calls “Hostful” episodes where just yourself and James talk for bit about whatever comes to mind in karting on that day.

Hey there Nik,
Yeah, that’s what Episode 2 is a sample of. We want the podcast to be a mix of guests and yipyap, so that other peoples have their stories told too. There are so many people who have podcast who only talk about themselves :slight_smile:


This teaches me to listen first.

I have it queued up on my podcast playlist. Just waiting for it to come round.


Ha no worries. We all have a bunch of info flying around in our heads. Maybe our exit quote should be “Shut up and drive your go kart”

I’ll have to head down to Sumas and force Davin to record a conversation one of these days.

Hahaha, or come down to Sumas with a mike and have me start talking. :wink:

Just make sure to send me the audio :stuck_out_tongue:

Practically everything has been over skype so far with the exception of the two interviews I did at PRI.

Something trackside would. Be cool though.

Someone would just have to bring a recorder to a Go-Pro and I could turn it into a podcast. Easy.

I’m confused. We’re talking about a podcast episode right? Or did I miss something.

Smartphone + mic(s) FTW

Yeah, a smartphone would work too, and actually be much easier :stuck_out_tongue:

I have an Audio-Technica ATR-2500-USB. But you’d need a computer to hook it up to.

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We’ve moved the KartPulse podcast hosting from soundcloud to spreaker and in the process did a little work on the audio. Nothing fancy, but noticed the audio levels were not consistent (Guest loud, host quiet or opposite) I made some corrections (Audio compression) to them.

Of course it’s available in your podcast player of choice too! Despite being recorded a couple of years ago, most of the discussions are pretty evergreen and still relevant.

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