Episode 06: Mike Burrell - USAC Karting

KP Podcast Episode 6 - Mike Burrell USAC Karting

In this episode, we talk to Mike Burrell from USAC Karting. Mike has a ton of experience in the sport as a racer, magazine writer and event organizer. He keeps it real, explaining why people should join the sport in the first place, talking about his experiences with National Karting News Magazine and racing Robopong.

Plus, he almost makes my drink come out my nose. He’s a funny guy, and you’ll enjoy this episode.
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https://www.usackarting.com/ -Go here to register for the kart race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway!

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We’ve moved the KartPulse podcast hosting from soundcloud to spreaker and in the process did a little work on the audio. Nothing fancy, but noticed the audio levels were not consistent (Guest loud, host quiet or opposite) I made some corrections (Audio compression) to them.

Of course it’s available in your podcast player of choice too! Despite being recorded a couple of years ago, most of the discussions are pretty evergreen and still relevant.