Episode 20: (Part 1) "Learn How to Master the Art of Kart Driving" with Terence Dove

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #1

This is Part 1 of a two part series with Terence Dove, author of ‘Learn how to Master the Art of Kart Driving’. Davin and Terence talk about his background in karting, what karting is like in Europe vs America, and some quick mental tips for drivers.

As we mentioned in our Q&A thread, Terence has given away two copies of his books to people who submitted questions. Part 1 has one winner announced and Part 2 will have the next! The winner in Part 1 is…(drumroll)…Michael Zahorski @Zebug! I’ll reach out to you for your address, or also make sure to PM me with your mailing information! Congrats, Mike!

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Watch Video and Critique
(TJ Koyen) #4

I’m a little behind on my KP podcasts but I listened to all these last week and enjoyed them greatly.

Also wanted to note, I brought my copy of @Terence_Dove’s book to the track this weekend and bookmarked a few key chapters for my drivers to read in between sessions. I think it helped to see the lessons I was trying to teach written down by a guy with more coaching credentials than me! Specifically the bits about confidence and self-esteem. Some of my typically downtrodden drivers were suddenly amped up and joking around on the grid instead of quietly sulking in their kart, even though we often were starting off the back rows.

The book also works great for rolling up and smacking drivers upside the head when they aren’t paying attention during track walks. :beers:

(Don Westlie) #5

The book showed up just before we left for a week long family camping trip which ended at the 206 Cup race this past weekend at Badger.

Can’t say enough about it. Read other books and you had to be an engineer to comprehend it. Randy read through it and it showed up this weekend with a little bit different driver than I had before. Actually seen him trying a bit different style. When I mentioned it to him he said he learned it from the book.

In a field of 20 206 Mediums he brought it home 2nd. Pretty good for a 14 year old and a book lesson. :thumbsup:

If nothing else, this book will make you feel like a bad ass. Love it!

(Terence Dove) #6

Thanks again TJ. That’s just about the most perfect feedback I could have wished for - I think I can retire now - My work here is done :grinning:

(Terence Dove) #7

Thanks Don, to hear a young dude has actually made progress using the book makes my day.

(Don Westlie) #8

It helped me out as a Dad and so called tuner too. Gave me different ways to approach Randy and get feedback. I’ve told many people to go pick it up. Well worth the money. Thanks for writing it.

(TJ Koyen) #9

Lots of the dads were reading it between sessions too. I sold at least one copy for you during the weekend!