Episode 21: (Part 2) "Learn How to Master the Art of Kart Driving" with Terence Dove

Part 2 of our conversation with karting coach, Terence Dove.

Terence talks about how to make different driving styles fast, how different seat positions work, how driver coaches work with different types of kart drivers and how you can succeed even when you don’t win the race.

We also spent some time talking about Alonso and why his mindset has been so successful in his recent Indy-adventure. We announce who the second winner of our contest, to win a free copy of Terence’s book ‘Learn to Master the Art of Kart Driving’

The winner of our second book is Russell Brewis @russellb - Congrats! DM me and send me your mailing address, and I’ll send you a free copy of Terence’s book.

Link to Terence’s Book on the Kartpulse Store: https://store.kartpulse.com/product/learn-how-to-master-the-art-of-kart-driving-terence-dove/

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We’ve moved the KartPulse podcast hosting from soundcloud to spreaker and in the process did a little work on the audio. Nothing fancy, but noticed the audio levels were not consistent (Guest loud, host quiet or opposite) I made some corrections (Audio compression) to them.

Of course it’s available in your podcast player of choice too! Despite being recorded a couple of years ago, most of the discussions are pretty evergreen and still relevant.