Equipment and stuff to have at the shop when building engines

Hi guys! I need to expand my inventory when it comes to things like diffrent greases, gasket on tube, Retaining compounds and tools to rebuild enignes. What do i need to do a full bottom end x30? (i have the normal stuff like: Grease, locktite, retainingcompound, gasket on tube, silicone spray. etc) What would i need more that will make the engine better and make life easier? Thanks, Mike

I would recommend good measurement tools. Granted I’ve spent most of the last few years doing 4 stroke stuff, but in the past when I would do 2 stroke stuff i had a press setup for replacing the rod on press together cranks. Also a dial indicator setup to ensure your halfs were aligned perfectly. I used to measure and adjust even brand new ones before putting them in an engine to get them aligned better.

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Also get an ultrasonic cleaner if you dont already have one, they are fantastic for everything


Yup have one 29 char

what brand (or where did you pick up) of crankshaft tool is that?