EVS R2 Neck Collar Comparison Pics

One of the tracks I run has a mandatory neck collar rule. I am the type of driver to not skimp on safety equipment, but I also have an odd body type (short legs/ short neck) that makes it hard to get the various pieces to work together. What that means for me is that over the years I have done a lot of fussing over what I need.

I’ve tried a few collars/braces:
Standard foam donut: Makes it feel like my neck isn’t a joint in any way possible.
EVS R4: Just too heavy and solid, didn’t feel right against my back either. Also very long.
360 device: Sits very high up front and my helmets don’t clear them.

That brought me to the EVS R2. It comes in two sizes: youth or adult. There is no dimensional information other than a 105lb/5’3” split. I’ve also never been able to find pictures of both sizes side by side.

I tried the adult first, as I am 165lbs and 5’5”. It cleared my helmet, but my chin sat right inside the inner front edge and I not only couldn’t look down at my mychron if needed, I always felt like I was looking up. I also struggled to turn my head at all.

So I went ahead and ordered the youth. It is a bit smaller, but still fits around my neck without feeling tight and it also stays in place much better. I have not drove with it yet, but I did spend about 15 minutes sitting in my kart in the garage visualizing the track. Definitely has a lot more clearance where I need it, and the helmet still touches if I tilt my head at extreme angles. Hopefully it’s the winner.

Anyway, with this long post I wanted to include the pictures comparing the two sizes for anyone trying to decide between the two and hopefully these end up in someone’s google search.





This was my biggest issue when I was getting started! I too have a short neck. I have the EVS R4 now. Started with the graphic Zamp helmet- but the duck bill on it stopped me from looking down. Now I just use a motorcycle helmet until I feel like dropping for a Arai or something. But it gave me the mobility to look at my Mycron which I couldn’t do before with the other helmet. I still would like to find something not as tall for a collar but the R4 works pretty good and is one of the lowest profiles. Good luck buddy!

Just take the foam out and shave it until you get the clearance desired on the ev2. It’s not even a “neck protector”, it’s a “collar bone protector”…

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I am aware of that, however for searching purposes it makes more sense to follow the standard nomenclature. The main thing I was trying to demonstrate was the actual difference in size since I’ve spent the money to find a solution that works for my situation. Not even EVS has a picture of the two sizes together.

With the way the adult fit me, cutting it down likely would have just led to a bigger distraction.