EVS R4 or Valhalla 360

Looking to upgrade my neck protection from a K1 donut from 2008. I have quite a few neck and spinal issues and have narrowed it down to these two.

Any insight? The 360 does not really have much out there in the way of reviews, only real downside to it is the under shoulder/back pack style straps could be a PITA to buckle/unbuckle.


There is no testing to show that a neck collar protects you from injury to the neck or collarbone. SKUSA no longer requires them.

I use a 360 but I’d rather have one of the older Stepanova Nekeel-made collars or just a neck gaiter to keep me from being sunburnt.

Understood and I’ll caveat that I realize a lot of information is anecdotal at best. My concern is that with multiple herniations, missing muscles, 2 ribs removed and a lot of hardware, I try to hedge my bets.

I have the EVS personally and got the Valhalla for Nick.

Go with the EVS, assuming you are somewhat skeptical about the usefulness of these items. Its light and much more comfy than the traditional donut. Nicks Valhalla certainly looks the business and may be more effective. It is large and requires you to do the under arm straps as well as twist closing the front bar. Its a bit of a process as compared to the EVS.

If you have issues, then maybe the Valhalla just in case there’s benefit from all that extra thought in design.

I mean, I guess it means something that I got the lightweight EVS for me and the beefy protector for my kid. Even though I am dubious about it, I still made sure my offspring has something as “safe” as could be.

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New 360 Devices have been like hen’s teeth for the past 3 years - lots of places will take your money, but actual deliveries have been thin on the ground. Maybe that is changing?

I found a used 360 for my little guy and like it. He had an EVS collar that was always slipping down his back, never in the right place when on the track - that’s a pretty common sight on cadets, but the EVS does seem to fit better / stay in place better on bigger bodies.

If you’re coming from the 2-wheel world, you may be familiar with Leatt - they make a nice karting neck brace that I rarely see but would like to try on my little guy sometime.

I’m definitely conflicted on the usefulness of collars - but I figure on the little guy, the ‘weight of helmet vs neck strength ratio’ is very different than it is on an adult, and the perceived benefits outweigh the additional risks of wearing one at this stage in his physical development.

Valhalla themselves show as having the 360. I looked long and hard for a Leatt and the only places I could find were in the UK or AUS.

I appreciate everyone’s input, looks like the 360 will be the way I go.

They have shown in-stock for a couple of years irrespective of reality - fingers crossed it is true today!

Hope so, they now have $195 of mine!

Please share result, as I know of others interested in grabbing one but were of understanding that there is no new stock.

Will do, I will give them a week.

You hear anything about ship date from Valhalla?

2 calls and an email, zero response. Charge still shows as pending.