Exhaust gasket fit?

I’ve changed the Rotax max exhaust gasket and noticed it doesn’t exactly line up. It seems to be orientated towards the right. I can not physically manoeuver it anymore due to the solid aluminium retaining bracket. Due to the curvature of the gasket the seal seems to be intact.

Notice the slight misalignment on the left hand side. Is this ok?

This is preventing me from moving it further left.

Funny that. 20 years ago I bought a new max.
Lined the exhaust up properly at the engine and the other end fouled on the brake rotor.
It had to be skewed like yours to clear.
Doubt it will affect performance but it would be nice to have it right.
If you are sure you have the right support bracket for Rotax you could bolt an extension to the bracket to swing the exhaust forward and nearer the rotor?
Moving the engine back would help a bit.
Axle grub screws okay?

yeah it’s all made for rotax. Actually moving the engine back does make alot of sense. thanks will try that :blush: