Exhaust wrap

I am wondering about exhaust wraps. Sometimes they’re required but what is the purpose? Is it just for safety or is there a performance reason to wrap?

“Safety” is the answer.

Technically, yes, exhaust wrap can be used to “tune” the exhaust, but it is negligible on a 206.

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Derek is right not much in the wrap, that being said I still use a quality one and hope it saves me a slightly worse burn at some point.

I’ve seen wrapping that is "decorative"as well as functional. It was prettier than naked.

I guess it’s available in colors.


Yeah I started on that orange header wrap but I graduated to the traditional header wrap, as it lasts longer. More or a safety item than a performance thing in my eyes.

Here is my 6 year olds motor. My second attempt at header wrap . . . (I am no expert) Dom’s looks better :joy:

Cant go wrong with black. Its slimming and pairs well with orange.

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I used the slip on header sleeve, that is slightly loose fitting. My thinking being that it wouldn’t transfer as much heat as the tight fitting wrap. I don’t know if there is any real merit to that thinking :thinking:.


Well I’m a sleeve guy. Only because i think it looks better. I have few nice burns on my arm from leaning on the pipe while making adjustments so i’m not sure how much it helps protect.

I use the sleeve because it is easier to put on than the wrap.

Juat wanted to throw up a picture like the cool kids.

Just an old can of beer you had laying around?? lol It even has the pull-tab (version 2).

I have it on my helmet, so I found a few cans on Ebay.

That helmat is super kewl!

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