External Garages, Pole Barns, and Shop Builds

So I’m in dire need of additional space, as between my Karts and Automotive projects I have outgrown my little two car garage. So I’m considering building either a shop, pole barn, or external garage on my property.

Anybody done this and have some hindsight 20/20 to offer, cause I have no experience with this.

This is my current 2 car garage and its tight once all my crap fills it up.

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I have only one question. What is a pole barn and will there be dancers in it?

Ok….2 questions.

Depends, are you still on your workout regiment and what’s your availability . . . :rofl:

I don’t know the answer to your question but I have a four car garage and it still isn’t big enough :grin: Too many motorcycles, mountain bikes and now two karts. I’m required to leave a space for the mrs car so that messes everything up :joy:

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Pole building framing Pole building framing - Google Search

Might join a couple Facebook groups in that area. Usually they have pretty decent advice or information or none at all.

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we have a 30x50 steel frame shop. Most of my advice is going to be irrelevant as my focus was around keeping it warm in the winter and condensation out in the spring/fall.

However, as you have learned with your garage space goes fast, so plan accordingly. When addressing your power, figure out future needs. Way cheaper to over power it in the beginning than have to add power later. I only ran a 100 amp to mine but luckily ran wire big enough to move to 200 amp should i get crazy out there. Depending your financial situation and climate spray foam is your friend. If youre handy at all dont have them finish it. Build it, wire it, insulate and done. Put up wall finishing/sheetrock yourself to save major money. Polishing the concrete on install is cheaper than epoxy and just as liquid resistant. Those are the big things i can think of currently


The quotes I’ve been getting back are crazy high: (Pole Barn 32x48x12 w/ 8 inch beams)

  1. $17,250 installed (An extra $14,000 for a 4 inch cement pad and footings poured)
  2. $20,500 installed (No cement quote cause they do not do cement work)
  3. $5,470 for a DIY kit, not installed.
  4. $10,300 for a DIY kit, not installed.

None of these are enclosed prices, just sticks and a roof.

These prices are double if not triple what they were just two years ago after talking to neighbors who did pole barn builds.

pole barn sample

Welcome to post covid building prices. We were planning to build a new house. And that went out the window as everything in the area went up nearly 3x what we were quoted pre covid. So now we wait for the right place to buy or re-evaluate in the near future.

Are you hanging your karts vertically against a wall yet? They take up a lot less space that way and it’s easy to work on them apart from chain alignment. You’ll have to drain fuel and oil before they go up but you should do that anyway.

No my karts live full time in my race trailer, they only go into the garage if I’m working on them, then back in the trailer they go; double stacked on my Kart Lift.

kart lift stacker